We really appreciate your trust in our work

We really appreciate your trust in our work


Badr Mesbahi 
Artiste Plasticien ( Asilah - Maroc)

     Badr Mesbahi A plastic artist and professor of plastic arts, born in 1991 in Asilah, he has been loving painting since his childhood
Working in El-Ayoun as a professor of plastic arts and the aspects of the city of Wazzan and then the city of Tangier, he devoted his first years of his artistic career to working on several plastic currents, most notably realism and impressionism.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture (Laayoune Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra) in 2012 and ranked second in 2014 for the same region, participated in group exhibitions in the city of El-Ayoun and Tangier and in the youth collective exhibition for the Asilah International Season in 2019 and the national forum organized by Ibn Ahmed for the same the year.

And the International Forum for the Diaspora, organized in CasablancaIn addition to his participation in the International Forum of Fine Artists organized by the Manbaa Association for Fine Arts in Beni Mellal

And his participation in an international forum in Fez and has virtual participations in various Moroccan cities.


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