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B!Creativity Presents the Sweet and Soulful..TandyRay

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Tandy was born on October 30th in Dallas, Texas; she spent most of her youth growing up in the small lakeside town, Rockwall, Texas. Tandy always knew that music and singing would be a large part of her life. In fact, at her graduation she decided to show the world what she had to offer the music community by making her debut by singing Hero, by Mariah Carey, a talent many did not know she had. Her gift for singing and music became apparent to everyone that witnessed that performance. From there she spent many years singing in church and assisting in leading the praise and worship. She also sang the national anthem at the FC Dallas Soccer game.


She has always adored singing along with the musical stylings of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Darlene Czech and many others. She would love to create music that reaches and impacts millions of people. To hear people say how much her music inspired them to always follow their dreams no matter what.

B!Creativity Interview
What inspires you to create music?
"I remember listening to music when I was growing up and how I could relate to the songs and how a lot of them up lifted or encouraged me. I would love for the music I create to have the same impact on someone else."

Who would you like to work with, major artist or not?
"I would love to work with Ryan Tedder or Timbaland, Maybe even collaborate with Flo Rida, I love the music he has out now. I would also love to collaborate more with my good friend Moses Uvere"

What's up next for Tandy Ray?
"I want to try and get enough songs written to make an album. Maybe get some live performances going."

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Tandy will be releasing a full ep and performing soon.

Tandy is looking to begin recording her demo in the very near future. As well as writing more songs so she can prepare to produce a full album. In the meantime Tandy will begin with some live performances.

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Email: hello@bcreativity.com

Listen to the first track from Tandys self titled demo "Louder Than Love"


Stay tuned for Tandy's NEW single "Louder Than Love"...