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Right now I [Isaiah Perkins] am listening and posting music from all kinds of genres every week. I'm calling out to Hip Hop, Techno, Indie Rock and whatever good music artist we meet to send me your music. Every week or every day you will hear something new.

At B!Creativity WE LOVE LOVE LOVE MUSIC and we like to get the music out to people who like good music. If you have MP3's of your original music and want people to hear it. SEND IT NOW - WE'LL POST IT, TWEET IT DOWNLOAD IT AND PLAY IT!! These are artist who are making good music in their area. Some are from all over the US and has a great story behind it. If you want to download these songs or find out where you can find more music from these artist. Send me an email from our contact page and ill make sure I give you all the info and post your tracks.

WE SUPPORT LOCAL INDIE MUSIC!! Send your music to hello@bcreativity.com

vibe to "james klynn" from new york



James Klynn - "Why Don't We"ft. Kaya [Hip-Hop] -- I came across James from an email blast I sent out from a personal contact. The "Blind Kamikaze" some may call it. When he sent me the link to his music I was fan within seconds. This track is so hip hop words cant describe it. Follow him on twitter at @JamesKylnn. For more songs from the "Hey Love" CD go to jamesklynn.com

Listen to "freakquency" from a.dd+



A.Dd+ - Freakquency [Hip-Hop] --Okay so i cheated this week yall lol. Even though the group didn't send me this track I definitely feel like this is a dope represent ion of Hip-Hop. Me being an A&R/Manager I'm constantly looking for good music as well as coming across good music to pass along and listen to. Make sure you add them on Facebook. You can download this song from their web site. Remember SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS!

Listen to "The Hit" out of Dallas



The Hit -Driving Your Car [Indie Pop Rock] --Colin (guitar), Mike (bass), Kade (vocals), Jorge(guitar), and Mark (drums) all make up "The Hit" a Dallas based indie band with a distinct sound and talented musicians. Make sure you you go to www.thehitband.com for FREE! downloads of their music featuring a cover to Burno Mars "Grenade" and the other smash hit (and my personal favorite) "I Like Girls". Contact them for booking and covers!

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If you are a indie artist or band and you are looking for someone to lighten the load of promotion, marketing or maybe booking we want to help you out. This is what we do. We work with artist on their brand as well a specific plan so they can focus on their music. While we focus on the business portion. We can design and setup up your EPK, promote your music, and make sure your music and name is getting out.

We are located in Dallas but have clients all over Texas and the US. By combining new marketing trends and creative designs we setup clients with great brand management and projects. We make sure that each artist is happy with the service and each audience member is satisfied with our products.